COLOMBIAN CANNABIS took part in the 1st. Symposium of the Americas in Medicinal Cannabis

Our President Bibiana Rojas during her presentation "Strategic Alliances: Current and future uses of medicinal cannabis" 


Cannaciencia was held,at the Estelar La Fontana Bogotá Hotel, on April 20 and 21, the symposium with the participation of renowned panelists who addressed important aspects such as Genomics and Analytical Science of Cannabis, Science of Medicinal Cannabis, Laws and Political Reforms , Economic and Managerial Science of Medicinal Cannabis, Social Responsibility among others. 



  • We have rebuilt the engine room, pump house No. 2 and laboratory headquarters.
  • Remodeled where the intake of water from El Juncal Lagoon.
  • We built protection gabions for the lagoon.
  • We have planted more than 40,000 lemon zwinglea trees (Limoncillo) as living fence around the perimeter of our farm. 
  • Irrigation system has been installed by micro drip in 1st. And 2nd stage of live fence.
  • We started remodeling the Main House.
  • Opening of the Villa Sofía perimeter road in 1 kilometer of extension.
  • Reconformation of approximately 500 meters of dike.  
  • Leveling of approximately 5,000sq. meters for the construction of greenhouses.